2021, Interactive animation.

Deep Diving is an interactive animation by Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa. The animation explores the echolocation sense of dolphins. The animation is accompanied by an echolocation soundscape that can be felt bodily in space.

The aim of the work is to transpose the world of dolphin experience into a form that is perceivable and understandable to the human viewer and to provide an immersive art experience that enhances the experience of empathy.


In the art piece, the underwater landscape is depicted in accordance with the senses of dolphins. Dolphins only distinguish between shades of blue and green, and their depth vision is weak. Dolphins produce ultrasound, which allows them to obtain information about their environment. Whistles and clicks reveal information about distances and the composition of materials.

Using echolocation, the water and tissues appear relatively similar. Because the dolphin is a mammal its lungs are full of air. The air reflects sound differently than other underwater materials, so a surprising part of the dolphin stands out underwater - the lungs.

According to researcher Helenä Telkänranta, one could get close to the world of dolphin experience by imagining the lungs of a flock around which the faint outline of a dolphin can be seen. In the art piece, the viewer can echo-locate the underwater landscape and hunt together with dolphins.

Inside Another Skin is an art project which explores how different animals observe the environment. During the project various immersive works are carried out based on the sense of sight and other senses of different animal species. The core of the art project is to generate and reinforce the experience of compassion and empathy.

In the project, human is thought of as one species of animal whose characteristics are compared to those of other species. The project aims to strengthen the opportunities for more respectful coexistence between different species and to broaden the understanding of nature, different species and the environment.

The work was implemented as part of the Ääreen project. Ääreen is an art project that presents interactive, documentary animation and introduces new Finnish and international animation art.

The artwork was produced to Helsinki Central Library Oodi's media art space as part of Ääreen- project in october 2021.

Implementation: Zach Laster

Animation: Minna Salminen

Sound design: Toni Teivaala

Coordinating of Ääreen- project: Annika Dahlsten/ Taike, Sanna Huttunen/ Oodi

Special thanks: Marko Tandefelt, Panu Akrenius, Petri Kivimäki, Arttu Paappa, Teuvo Tyrkkö

Funding: AVEK

Ääreen-project was a joint venture between the Arts Promotion Center Finland Taike, Central Library Oodi, the Turku Animated Film Festival, the Animation Guild Association, the Artists' Association MUU, Audiovisual Culture Promotion Center AVEK, Aalto University, ANIDOX Forum and the National Audiovisual Institute Kavi.