2020, Video installation

It's the year 2070.

With the changes in the economic system and rationalization of consumption, various decomposer organisms have become even more important to society. Fungi have taught humans how to communicate between different species. Standards are back in fashion. The activist group Decomposer Syndicate has gathered to write a manifesto.

Kuva: Tuomas Nokelainen

The installation depicts a meeting room of an activist group called Decomposer Syndicate.

In the year 2070, the climate change has been stopped  and the social system has changed completely. After degrowth of consuming and oil consumption, various decomposing organisms have become increasingly important to society. Global capitalism has come to an end. Mass production of meat has ceased. Using fungi as translators people have learned how to communicate with different species. The Decomposer Syndicate is an activist group that reinforces this communication, highlights the importance of decomposers, engages in various political activities and organises study groups and field trips.

In the middle of the room, there is a round table for the meeting's participants. On the table there are three screens that show time-lapse animations of slime molds and decaying plants in a style of an educational video. One screen that shows a slime mold animation is also placed on the wall. On the table there are items related to the meeting: notebooks, pens and flyers. The Sydicate's manifesto is printed on flyers.

There are also other items on the space that refer to the organisation's activities: flags, standards and a banner that carry the organisation's emblems. The symbol colour of the organisation is yellow. In a world where consumption and resources have become limited, the organisation has been looking for inspiration from various sources. Its symbols have been inspired by prehistoric ornamentation patterns and the motion tracks of invertebrates. The atmosphere is expectant, the syndicate members have left for a moment and will return any minute.

Most of the animations feature slime molds. Slime mold is an organism which is classified as amoeba and it consists mainly of cytoplasm. They live mainly on rotten wood and are neither plants nor animals. Although slime molds lacks muscles, brains and a nervous system, they are able to move.

One of the forms of slime mold is cellular slime mold. They spend most of their lives as individual one cell creatures, but when a chemical signal is received, that happens when food is short, they assemble into a cluster that acts as one organism. The cells don't only come together but they really form one organism.

Slime mold videos:

Directing: Leena Pukki
Cinematography: Leena Pukki ja Christopher L. Thomas
Sound design: Toni Teivaala

Rottening Still Life- video:

Directing and cinematography: Leena Pukki
Music and sound design: Leevi Pukki

Funding: AVEK, Lappeenrannan taidemuseo

Slime mold videos has been filmed as part of Miracle Workers Collective's Killing of Čáhcerávga, that was commissioned and produced by Frame Contemporary Art Finland for the Venice Biennale 2019.

Miracle Workers Collective: Maryan Abdulkarim, Khadar Ahmed, Hassan Blasim, Sonya Lindfors, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Outi Pieski, Leena Pukki, Christopher Thomas, Lorenzo Sandoval, Martta Tuomaala, Christopher Wessels, Suvi West ja Giovanna Esposito Yussif